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How To Choose Between Wallpaper And Painting in Los Gatos, CA

In the course of remodeling your home, one thing that you might come across is a room that needs its look updated — and when this happens, you might consider wallpapering the walls or painting them.

There are many things to consider when deciding if it would be better to use one or the other — depending on the circumstances,

With that being the case, let us now discuss how to choose between wallpaper and painting in Los Gatos, CA.

Paint If: You Want Better Control Over Color

When it comes to your walls, wallpaper is good for many things, but a choice in color is not so much one of them.

True, you can certainly pick wallpaper of just about any color, but you don’t have such a wide choice as you do when you are painting as you can make literally any pattern you can imagine with paint.

Additionally, you can choose to use combinations of colors that nobody would ever think to make into a wallpaper pattern because it would likely never sell more than just the one set of rolls.

Wallpaper If: You Already Have Wallpaper And Don’t Want To Paint Over It

If you are unsure of whether you want to put up wallpaper or paint the walls and you already have wallpaper on the walls, you have a choice to make as to how you want to go about doing things.

If you have no objection to painting over wallpaper, you can certainly do that, but you need to be aware that the process of painting over wallpaper is not at all like the process of painting over most any other surface.

If, however, you do not wish to paint over the wallpaper, you next need to decide if you want to first remove the wallpaper before then going on to paint the wall.

Should you come to realize that you neither wish to paint over the wallpaper nor remove the wallpaper before painting the walls, you are left with really no other choice but to wallpaper over the existing wallpaper.

Paint If: You’re Looking For An Experience That Is A Bit Easier

When it comes to choosing whether you are going to paint or wallpaper your walls, you should be aware that one of them is significantly more difficult than the other, and it’s wallpapering.

There are many ways in which painting your walls is more forgiving to the amateur person making the time investment in that it is a lot easier to correct errors when you make them with paint.

Wallpaper requires a steady hand, and if you make a mistake and put the wallpaper incorrectly, it is a lot more difficult to fix it, and it can be a bit upsetting as mistakes can mean you have to throw out badly placed wallpaper in the garbage.

Wallpaper If: You’re Looking For A Long Term Investment

A good painting job, if you start with a clean wall and you do all of the steps that are good and necessary to get the work done, can last anywhere from five to seven years, perhaps longer if you are careful with it and clean somewhat regularly.

Wallpaper, on the other hand, can last you up to fifteen years before it starts to look like it should be replaced, which is significantly longer.

There are, of course, those who will not have the interest to have the same look to their walls for fifteen years and so the fact that it would last fifteen years is not a selling point because they would want to change it up before that time would end.

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