2020-09-20 Marvelous Painters Los Gatos Colors For Your Living Room

7 Colors To Consider For Your Living Room in Los Gatos, CA

When you are either painting or redecorating your living room, you should consider or look into the idea of the color or colors you will be using.

There are so very many colors that you can consider for your living room. Still, they are not all appropriate for any given person that wants to update the look of their living room — though you will probably be doing a lot better than the lime greens and yellows found in homes during the 1970s.

With this being the case, here are seven colors to consider for your living room in Los Gatos, CA.

1. Dark Blue / Navy

Dark Blue is a sort of royal color that inspires great feelings of calm and, in some cases, prosperity.

It is also a color that you could associate with nature, like the ocean, the deep seas, or even just the sky — bringing to mind the hours people can spend staring at the said sky.

2. Black

Black is not necessarily a color that has to remind you of darkness, even though the color itself is somewhat dark by nature.

Though you might want to consider not painting and decorating your entire living room in exclusively black, it would not hurt to have even an accent wall in black or select pieces of your furniture.

When you have some black in the living room and other colors, the black really contrasts with the other color or colors you will choose.

3. Eggshell

Eggshell is a fantastic color that you can choose for your living room, as it is not exactly white, but it still fits in the rubric of a neutral color.

Eggshell can be said to go with just about everything you might want to put into your living room, and one of the best things about it is really how versatile it is.

It is said to be called eggshell because it resembles the shell of an egg, though, of course, some will point out that eggs come in different colors and, therefore, eggshells do as well.

4. Pink

There is more to be said for the color pink than just a color. It is stereotyped that young women go absolutely bonkers (and some older women as well — there are entirely documentaries about women obsessed with the color pink.

Pink is the sort of color that is really easy on the eyes, and unless you have an actual aversion to the color itself, it can be a really pleasant color for your living room.

Like black, you’re not going to want to surround yourself with the color unless it’s something you really want to do and are just overall fond of the color.

5. Green

Green is another color that is typically associated with nature’s colors, particularly the sorts of nature that one might think of as being the more oxygen providing, such as the trees and the grasses and the like.

You see, the color green so often is due to the abundance of chlorophyll in nature, and the reason that it is so good in your living room is that it is a positive thing to surround yourself with reminders of nature.

6. Yellow

Yellow is a color that, if done well, can infuse your living room space with a lot of bright energy.

This can be a positive thing as you may wish to fill such a living space with energy.

7. White

Lastly, we will be looking at the color white as a color to consider for your living room.

As plain and simple as it is, it works — though you should consider adding other colors as well, and white should be more of a tapestry upon which you can paint your living room.

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