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5 Tricks For Varnishing Wooden Decks in Los Gatos, CA

When you have a wooden deck, it can be quite the pleasant thing — but it is like just about anything else you might own that is made up of wood and might benefit from being touched up if it happens to be stained or varnished.

Of course, it is good to be able to know how to varnish your deck from the get-go, as once you have finished getting a wooden deck built it is good to be able to get it varnished or painted sooner than not so that you can protect the wood from the elements.

With that being the case, here are five tricks for varnishing wooden decks in Los Gatos, CA.

1. A Clean And Dry Deck Is Fundamental

The sooner you can get started on varnishing your wooden deck after it is fully clean and dry, the better — you don’t want any sort of dirt or grime getting in your way of the varnishing process.

If you think about it, it makes sense — any dirt that will be present when you varnish the deck will stay there, trapped underneath the varnish.

When you take the time to clean your deck, you should also be sure that you allow time for the deck to dry because you also don’t want to try to stain a wet deck — stain, much like paint, does not work well with a wet surface.

After properly washing your deck and making sure that it is free of dirt and debris, ensure that it is dry before you move forward.

2. Weather Or Not…

The weather really will have a big impact on your varnishing work — specifically, you are going to want to be careful to only varnish your wooden deck under certain weather conditions.

If the weather is too warm, for example, the stain will dry much too quickly, and that isn’t good for the stain work at all.

You’re also going to want to avoid staining your deck when the sun is shining too brightly, as that will have a negative effect on the stain work.

3. Grease Gets Trisodium Phosphate

As you are in the process of cleaning your wooden deck, it’s quite possible that you’re going to encounter the occasional grease stain.

Considering how often you see people grilling the greasiest foods on their wooden deck and then sit on the same decks, it makes sense for you to sometimes find grease there.

The best way to get it clean is by using a trisodium phosphate formula — it gets the grease right off of the surface and leaves you with a cleaner deck.

4. Repairs Before Varnishing

On occasion, you will encounter the odd board that is just more rot than wood, and when this is the case, you know that you are going to have to replace that board before you continue with the varnishing project.

Having a rotten board is no good for your wooden deck, so it bears replacing.

5. Oil Based Stain For The Win

When it comes to the kind of stain that you are going to want to consider to use, and your choices basically boil down to whether you want to use oil or water-based stains for your wooden deck.

While many people will say that water-based stains are perfectly adequate, others have well pointed out that a water-based stain will not last nearly as long as an oil-based stain.

True, even an oil-based stain needs to be touched up every few years, but it overall will still last longer than your average water-based stain.

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