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5 Tips For Painting Over Wallpaper in San Jose, CA

In the course of remodeling your home, you may come to wish to paint or repaint the interior walls of one or more of your walls.

In doing so, it sometimes happens that you will encounter wallpaper on the walls of your interior walls, and it can be something to consider — to paint or remove the wallpaper before painting?

If you do decide to paint over the wallpaper, you may want to know what you are doing well in advance of your doing it.

With that being the case, let’s look at five tips for painting over wallpaper in San Jose, CA.

1. Textured Wallpaper Requires More Work

When you’re looking to paint over wallpaper, you need to realize that there are many kinds of wallpaper, and some of them are a lot easier to paint over than others.

Thinner wallpapers that are more paper-like are easier to paint over, and when you have a wallpaper that is thicker and has a texture to it, you’re going to experience more difficulty painting over it.

Specifically, you will find that unless you prime the walls properly, you will see the texture of the wallpaper coming through the paintwork.

2. Oil Based Primer Is Key

You may already be aware that priming, also known as applying a coat of primer, is a fundamental part of the painting process, even when you are painting over wallpaper.

You will want to make sure that the primer that you use when you are painting over wallpaper is an oil-based primer and not a latex primer for a very good reason.

Specifically, only an oil-based primer will not react with the wallpaper negatively — other primers can actually get absorbed by the wallpaper and make a terrible mess.

3. Wear A Respirator When Applying Primer

When you are in the process of applying primer to your wallpaper, it is important to wear some kind of respirator.

The primer application process can produce quite some unpleasant fumes, and to best protect yourself, you should wear a good quality respirator throughout the process.

4. Fill The Seams With Compound Paste

You may notice that wallpaper usually has quite a few seams that go along with it — it’s just about impossible to get a full wall wallpaper that is entirely seamless.

When you are painting your walls, you will need to fill the seams of the wallpaper with some kind of compound paste — otherwise, the surface of your walls will be quite uneven, and you will have a nearly impossible time evenly distributing the coat of primer and paint.

Once you have finished applying the compound paste to the various seams of your walls, you will want to gently sand them so that you will then not have too difficult a time applying a coat of primer to the wallpaper.

5. Make Sure The Wallpaper Is Dust Free Before Painting

There are few things that interfere with a painting project quite like dust, and this is just as much the case when you are painting over wallpaper as it is when you are painting just about any other surface in your home.

If you find that there is dust on the surface of your wallpaper, you will have to take some kind of cleaning cloth — perhaps a microfiber cloth — and after lightly moistening it, running it along the walls and then afterward taking a dry cloth to make sure that the surface of your walls is fully dry.

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