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5 Things You Should Know About Lead Paint Removal in San Jose, CA

When you are in the process of renovating your home, you may come to encounter paintwork that you’re not familiar with — and you may suspect that if you are to do some work, you might have to deal with lead paint possibly — it’s worth knowing more about the proper removal of lead paint.

As toxic and hazardous as lead paint can be, it’s better to be on the safe side in terms of its removal than to possibly come to some harm due to not being as careful as you can be.

With that being the case, let’s look at and consider five things you should know about lead paint removal in San Jose, CA.

1. It Needs To Be Professionally Tested To Be Certain

Lead paint isn’t something that has. A certain look or smell or feel to it — you won’t be able to look at your paint and ascertain that it is lead paint by its outer appearance.

Instead, paint samples need to be safely collected by inspectors who come to your home and are then sent to a laboratory to be tested appropriately — and they’ll be able to tell you after testing it if it contains lead.

2. Covering Or Encapsulation As An Option

One way to deal with lead paint is to cover it up with special paint to cover it.

By doing this, you prevent the underlying paint from coming out and possibly causing you harm.

The issue with this is that if you apply this paint in areas where there is motion — like a door or even a window — you might see the encapsulating paint wear down over time.

3. Enclosing The Lead Paint

Next, you may want to take the lead paint protection to the next level and cover it even better by enclosing it entirely with a protective layer.

This generally comes in the form of putting an entirely new layer of drywall over your existing walls and even then covering your window sills with protective material to not allow the lead paint to escape.

A significant issue with this is what to do if you need to renovate or if you move and adequately warn the people who will be living there in the future about the lead paint that exists under the layers of drywall and other protective coverings.

4. Safe Removal

The next way of dealing with lead paint is to hire professionals to remove it entirely — and there are a few ways that they can go about doing this safely.

One is that they would use a wire brush to scrape off the paint — this would be done under an extremely controlled environment, with a great deal of safety equipment being used to make sure that the people doing it are kept safe away from the paint.

Another thing that professional lead painter removers will do is to use an electric sander with a strong HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner.

You should certainly not try to do it yourself in any case, as there are far too many hazards that exist in the process of doing so.

5. Some Methods Are Illegal

There are some methods of removing lead paint that is not only completely dangerous; they are illegal as well (possibly as a deterrent to stop people from doing these things as they are so dangerous.

Examples of illegal and dangerous methods include trying to burn the paint off and power wash the paint off without having any way to trap or contain what is being washed off.

Don’t even consider hiring anyone who will propose using one of these methods.



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