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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Removing Wallpaper in San Jose, CA

When you are looking to remodel your home, you might consider painting one of the rooms, maybe even a hall or two.

It’s possible that you will come across wallpaper in your home, and make the decision to remove it — but there are right ways to remove wallpaper, and ways to remove it that could cause problems in the long run.

With that being the case, here are five mistakes to avoid when removing wallpaper in San Jose, CA.

1. Not Checking To See If It’s Easily Removable Wallpaper First

There are numerous steps that are typically involved in removing your wallpaper, but almost all of them will be unnecessary if it turns out that your wallpaper is of the kind that is easily removed.

Before you go through all of the effort that is typically required to remove normal wallpaper, check to see if it’s the more easily removable sort first.

To do this, you’re going to want to find a seam of the wallpaper and take a putty knife of some sort and lift up the wallpaper just a little bit — and then tug on it.

If you find that the wallpaper comes off relatively easily, you are pretty much all set — you will only have to pull on the wallpaper to get it off, as it was designed to be removed this way.

2. Not Protecting The Floor Prior To Removing The Wallpaper

It is of course understandable and almost presumed that when you are painting a room, you are going to take measures to make sure that the paint doesn’t get places you don’t want it.

It’s rather unfortunate that too often when people are looking to remove their wallpaper, they don’t have a similar thought on making sure the wallpaper doesn’t go anywhere other than the trash.

Protect your floors with some sort of drop cloth or tarp.

3. Not Scoring Water Resistant Wallpaper

There are certain sorts of wallpaper that are more easy to clean — these are more easy to clean because they are made in a certain way to be water resistant.

This is well and good when it comes to cleaning your wallpaper, but if you forget about it when you are trying to remove it and you just attempt to moisten the wallpaper, it won’t do you any good.

You will need to first score the wallpaper to ensure that the hot water gets underneath and softens the glue, thus allowing it to be more easily removed.

4. Trying To Do An Entire Room At Once

You are surely aware that removing most wallpaper involves first moistening it and then when the glue has softened, removing the wallpaper from the wall.

If you try to do the entire room by first moistening the entire room and then going back and starting to strip off the wallpaper, you are going to run into some major problems.

Specifically, you are going to come to find that the part of the room that you had initially moistened may very well not be even close to as moist as it was when you started, and you will be back where you were at the beginning of the project.

Better to do one relatively small section at a time when you are trying to remove wallpaper.

5. Not Considering Hot Water To Get The Glue Moist

As much as you surely realize that the glue under the wallpaper needs to be moistened in order to properly remove it, few people know that it’s better if the water you use is hot.

Taking a good compression sprayer and make use of some water that is just about hot enough (see the instructions for the sprayer for guidance on this) and apply the water as applicable.

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