2020-11-20 Marvelous Painters Los Gatos CA Power Washing Exterior Mistakes

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Power Washing Your Exterior in Los Gatos, CA

As a homeowner, you may not realize. Still, periodically you must take some time to clean your home’s exterior — it is a time-consuming process. Still, it is nonetheless necessary to keep your home exterior healthy.

The trick is that you need to be aware that you can cause damage to your home or other parts of your property

With that being the case, let’s look at and consider five mistakes to avoid power washing your exterior in Los Gatos, CA.

1. Your Roof

When it comes to power washing, you would think that just about anything can be cleaned with it — but this is not at all the case.

Your roof, for example — when you see that your roof is quite dirty you can think to yourself that you can’t do better than a nice power washing to make sure that it gets fully cleaned.

The problem with this is that instead of cleaning your roof, you may end up destroying it or just blowing pieces of it off — leaving it in need of repair and possibly exposing your home to leaks.

The better thing to do is take your time and use tools meant to get your roof clean without using such a powerful tool.

2. Don’t Stand So Close To What You’re Cleaning

Even if you have your power washer set to the correct setting in terms of power, you can still do some significant damage to your home exterior if you are too close to it when you are washing it.

This should be pretty obvious — it’s not too different than if you threw a water balloon at someone from a foot away versus being ten feet away — except that the power washer is significantly stronger than the water balloon!

When in doubt, stand further away until you are sure that you won’t cause damage using the power washer.

It’s always easier to get a little closer than to panic and have to back away from being too close.

3. Using Too Much Pressure

As you are getting ready to power wash your home for the first time, you should be aware that there are many settings you could set the power washer to in terms of strength, and each is appropriate for certain cleaning tasks and not others.

When you’re working with the power washer you have to be careful to never clean things with too high of a pressure – you can actually make holes in the side of a vinyl side if you aren’t careful.

4. Trying To Clean Mold Off

Mold lives for water — it’s the thing that both helps create it and allows it to continue being.

When you try to attack mold with water, even though it might look like you are getting rid of it, what you are really doing is giving it food to live.

The better approach is to use the right kind of chemical cocktail, even if that means watered down bleach or the like, and use that to fully kill any mold that might be present on the surface of your home.

5. Cleaning Your Exterior In The Wrong Order

If you wonder how it’s possible to clean something in the wrong order, rest assured that it is very much possible.

If you clean the exterior walls of your home and work on higher parts after the lower parts — you’re going to find yourself bringing the mess down and having to clean the lower parts of the wall then all over again.

Better to start up and work your way down.



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