2020-09-13 Marvelous Painters San Jose CA Bathroom Remodeling

5 Budget Remodeling Ideas For Your Bathroom in San Jose, CA

When you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, you may think that you can’t get the work done and also stay on budget.

There are quite several ways for you to make your bathroom substantially better, and the good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for you to do it.

With this being the case, let us look at five budget remodeling ideas for your bathroom in San Jose, CA.

1. Paint Your Wooden Floor Instead Of Replacing It

When you have a wooden floor, which seems to be a more unlikely thing for most people to have as far as flooring goes in a bathroom, you could consider the possibility of entirely replacing it with tile as that is the better thing to have for your bathroom floor.

Tiling a bathroom floor can be a rather costly endeavor, however, and if you want to get a better look at your bathroom floor, you do have another option — painting it.

This is not to say you should paint the bathroom floor the way you would paint the walls but rather you would use enamel paint to paint the floors and therefore still come away with a properly protected bathroom floor that you can enjoy for years to come without having to pay a large premium.

2. New Hardware For Your Cabinets

Another way that you could get your bathroom to look better is to not replace the cabinets, as that would also be quite expensive, but rather to change the look of your cabinets with new hardware.

This means in particular that you could get new pulls for the cabinets, making sure, of course, that the drill marks on the new pulls match where your holes are on the cabinets — the last thing you want to do is to need to drill new holes in your cupboards.

3. Install A New Toilet

Something that a lot of people do in error is to hire someone to install a toilet.

The thing about toilets is that you don’t have to hire a professional to install one if you are careful with what you are doing. You carefully follow the instructions — making sure, of course, to turn the water off before removing the old toilet.

If you make an effort to find a water-efficient toilet, you will be able to also save money over time because you will be spending less money per flush.

4. Design Your Own Bathroom

Though this is not something that just about anyone should try, if you have any sense of adventure and possibly some graph paper, you can try to design your own bathroom.

Designing your own bathroom may not seem like it would save you too much money, but depending on whom you get to do it, it could be quite costly and ultimately be something that you could have managed on your own.

You may end up surprising yourself and making a bathroom that is really pleasant and appealing as far as bathrooms go.

The best part of it is that you end up having a bathroom that is fully designed by you.

5. Touch Up Your Tub

There are many ways you can touch up your bathtub without entirely refinishing it.

You can apply certain touch-up products to the bathtub that will get the bathtub to look considerably better.

There are glazes, for example, that you can apply to a good enamel bathtub to enhance the appearance of the tub.

Such glazes will take care of scratches that are found on bathtubs on occasion.

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