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Tips and Tricks for Choosing Interior Paint Colors in San Jose, CA

When it comes to interior painting, the sky seems to be the limit when you are choosing colors — there seem to be so many from which you can select, and you can’t select them all.

While it is comforting to know that we aren’t stuck with any given color indefinitely, there is always the option to paint our interiors a second and third time — it would be wise not to have to paint again after painting as it can be time-consuming.

The truth is that there are ways we can plan out our paint jobs in advance, so we have a better time choosing from the vast array of interior colors.

Here are some tips and tricks for choosing interior paint colors in San Jose, CA.

1. Go With More Than Just What Is Popular At The Time

We know it can be tempting to go with whatever is the most popular color of the year — there are many blogs (some sponsored by paint companies, naturally) that will give you lists of all the most popular colors.

The problem with these lists is that a lot of them are just advertisements from paint companies so you will go out and buy their paints.

Rather than just going with what is popular that year when you are painting, consider other factors such as if you like the color you are thinking about using.

2. What Are The Other Colors In Your Home

There are other spaces in your home, and it’s important to consider those when you’re choosing colors for interior painting.

If you have a home that’s primarily filled with dark colors, it would be odd if suddenly your guests walked into a room and all the walls were painted bright pink.

Conversely, what if you had lighter colored walls in the rest of your home and then you had a kitchen full of grays and blacks — it would be odd.

Not that you shouldn’t have such an odd contrast — for this might be in the spirit of who you are.

3. If You’re Looking To Save, Ask Paint Stores For Their Mis-tinted Selections

When a person or people go into a paint store and specify that they want their paint to be a specific mix, and then they pick it up, and it isn’t exactly what they want — whether it means that they miscommunicated what they wanted or the store did not do what they wanted correctly, they don’t dispose of the paint.

They sell the paint at a substantial discount, and there are caveats to the paints that are discounted like this — specifically that you have little of a choice of colors, but that can also be a good thing.

In a sense, it’s like when you get a grab bag from the store — you have a general idea of what you will get, but you don’t know exactly what it will be.

4. Ask Friends For Advice

Sometimes the best way to get a good color selection is to start by asking your friends!

Your friends might know you better than you know yourself in some ways, and they might be able to give you an idea of a color that you didn’t even realize that you like based on how often you might wear it, for example, or use it for other reasons.

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