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Shortcuts In Painting That Cost Big in San Jose, CA

When you’re looking to paint your home, whether it is the interior or exterior, there are specific shortcuts that you may consider to save you money or time.

The problem with many of these so-called shortcuts is that they are often worse for you in the long run and will ultimately cost you big in both time and money.

As we don’t want you, our readers, to suffer such losses, we have some of the worst ones here for your perusal.

Here, therefore, are some shortcuts in painting that cost big in San Jose, CA.

1. Not Sanding Before Painting

This is a shortcut that seems too easy — why sand the surface that you are about to sand — will it make a difference?

The answer is that it absolutely will, and the difference can be seen in a surface that has been sanded and painted as opposed to one that was not sanded first and then painted.

A surface that was not sanded before being painted will have numerous imperfections and be, well, bumpy — you will be able to feel the difference.

The second main difference is that the paint just won’t go on as well, and it just will be more challenging to paint as you will have a less than smooth surface.

2. Only Using One Coat Of Paint

When you are painting a room or even the exterior of your home, you might think about how long it will take to apply a coat of paint, wait for it to dry, and then have to paint a second coat… and not want to do it.

You may decide it would be just as well to apply one unusually thick coat of paint — and this would be quite an awful mistake.

One thick coat of paint not only does not work as well as two properly put on coats of paint, but it is considerably worse — and is prone to having significant issues like bubbling and the like.

3. Not Waiting For Paint To Fully Dry Before Applying A Second Coat

If you don’t wait for your first coat of paint to dry before you put on a second coat, you are looking at a world of problems.

If, for example, you try to apply the second coat of paint using a paint roller, you will notice that some of the first coat of paint will come upon the roller.

Do yourself a favor and give the first coat of paint time to dry before you start applying the second coat of paint.

4. Avoiding Prep Work

When you are in the process of painting your home, you will have to do a bit of prep work — first, you will be cleaning the surface, and then sanding, and then applying a coat of primer when it has all been cleaned up nicely.

Skipping these steps would do you no favors — though it seems like it will save you time and money, each of the steps is important to the painting process.

The primer coat, for example, is useful for making the surface smoother and allows for the paint job to go on better and lasts considerably longer than if you don’t prime first.

Cleaning the surface before painting, likewise, is essential for the painting process because you’re not going to want to paint on top of a layer of dirt or dust, as thin as you may think that it could be.

That is why you mustn’t skip any of the preparatory steps before painting.




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