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Pros and Cons Of Painting Brick Exterior in Los Gatos, CA

Brick exterior is a fantastic look for your home, and on top of that, brick is one of the more sturdy things with which to build your home.

Though some say that if you want your brick exterior home to look really good, you should paint it, others will tell you that painting the brick exterior is a mistake and one you should not make.

It’s one that you should carefully consider as you won’t be able to go back to an unpainted brick exterior easily — more on that in a bit — once you have painted your brick exterior.

As this is the case, here are the pros and cons of painting brick exterior in Los Gatos, CA.

1. Con: Painting A Brick Exterior Is A Fairly Permanent Thing

Compared to other kinds of exterior painting, painting a brick exterior is a permanent thing, so to speak in that it is nearly impossible to remove the paint from the brick exterior.

Even if you can remove the paint, the underlying brick will be forever worse in appearance, and you’ll never really have the same beautiful brand new looking bricks that you had when the home was first built.

On the other hand, some say that this is okay because you can continue to paint your home with different color paints, and therefore it’s okay that you can’t remove the paint — your choices for exterior paint colors are nearly endless.

2. Pro: Your Home Will Be Better Protected Against The Elements

If there’s one thing for which exterior paint is known, it is that it is a good protector against things like rain and sleet and snow, all of which are quite damaging to plain unprotected brick.

Brick is quite an absorbent material, and that is why it is easy for it to get damaged by these elements over time — but with the proper paint protection, your brick will have a greater and longer life.

3. Con: If Water Seeps In, The Underlying Brick Will Be Damaged

The counterpoint to the last thing mentioned is that if you have any small crack or hole in the paint at all and water somehow seeps in and gets underneath the paint, the brick underneath the paint will get damaged and will continue to get worse over time as the paint will not allow it to dry as it were.

The damage might eventually be discovered down the road, and by then, it is quite unpleasant.

4. Pro: It Is Easier To Clean Painted Brick

When it comes to cleaning the exterior home, you cannot possibly compare an unpainted brick exterior to one that is not painted — with the way that paint is (in that it is not absorbent), it is so much easier to clean than unpainted brick.

Homeowners that have painted brick exterior report that they spend considerably less time cleaning their brick homes that are painted.

5. Con: You Need To Clean Painted Brick More Often

As great as it is that you have an easier time cleaning painted brick, the downside is that you have to paint your brick exterior more often — well, in theory, you should, anyhow.

This is because the dirt and grime and the like are more visible on a painted brick exterior and so it is more evident that you will need to clean the home.

6.Pro: Increased Curb Value

Lastly, a big pro of having a painted brick exterior is that the curb value of your home goes up when you have a painted brick exterior.

Curb value is the perceived value of the home as seen from a car or a passerby — hence the curb in ‘curb value.’

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