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7 Ideal Practices When Choosing A Professional Painting Contractor in San Jose, CA

As much as it would be nice to be able to paint everything you want, it’s not entirely feasible for everyone for various reasons — either that we don’t all have the skills to paint what we want or, in some cases, the time.

Of course, it is crucial to put thought and consideration into choosing professional painting contractors, for when we are looking at them, we want to make sure that we are getting a good deal for the money that we give them.

With that being the case, let us now look at seven ideal practices when choosing a professional painting contractor in San Jose, CA.

1. Research The Painting Contractors First

The first thing you should look at doing is to research the painting contractors before you hire them.

There are web sites that review painting contractors. While you surely don’t want to go for the first painting contractor that has nothing but fantastic reviews, it doesn’t hurt to look at them and see what positives and negatives come with a particular painting contractor.

2. Ask For Referrals And Contact Them

Professional painting contractors get some of their best customers to offer to give professional references to say what a good job the contractor did.

It doesn’t hurt to ask prospective painting contractors if they have anyone who can give a referral for them and be a little cautious if your possible painting contractor doesn’t have a single one.

3. Make Sure They Are Licensed And Insured

You’re not going to want to get someone to do paintwork on your home if they aren’t licensed, first of all, because you are not permitted to do professional paintwork without a license.

Additionally, it’s going to be important that your professional painting contractor is insured because if something were to happen, be it an accident that might hurt someone or something, you want not to be liable for the cost.

4. Get Everything In Writing

Regardless of what the painting contractor is going to do, you’re going to want to get everything in writing because you don’t want the contractor to say they’re going to do and then have them turn around later and say they didn’t promise you that.

The best way to get around this happening is to get everything in writing.

5. Find Out If Paint Is Covered In The Estimate

The cost of paint can be quite sizable depending on the size of the project, and so you must find out if the price of it is included in the estimate that you are sure to get in writing.

Don’t have it be a surprise if you get one estimate, and then when the paint job is done, find out that you have to pay for the price of paint additionally.

6. Don’t Make The Final Payment Before The Paint Job Is Complete

This is probably an obvious thing to most, but it is worth stating that you shouldn’t make the final payment on the paint job before they are finished painting.

It’s rather unfortunate, but there are painting contractors who will take a final payment, and if they aren’t done painting, just not come back — and one way to avoid this for sure is not to make that last payment before it is done.

7. Get A Few Estimates From Different Contractors

It’s worth getting estimates from more than one contractor — and what you’re going to want to do is to present each of them with the same wants and requirements so that you know that you’re getting the same thing — but ideally one of them is going to have a better price for you.

You’re going to find a reasonable price for one of them and get a great paint job.

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