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7 Best Practices For Painting The Ceiling in San Jose, CA

The ceiling is one of the walls in the room, though most people don’t think about it that way — and as one of the walls in the room, it does need to be painted on occasion!

The thing with ceilings is that being high up as it almost always is, there are difficulties in painting it that don’t present themselves when you are painting the other walls in the room.

You can rest assured, however, that if you have some good advice on your side, you can have a much better time while you are painting the ceiling.

With this in mind, let us now discuss the seven best practices for painting the ceiling in San Jose, CA.

1. Use Ladders To Reach The Ceiling If You Don’t Have A Telescoping Paint Roller

When you paint the ceiling, you will want to use a paint roller, and since most often people are not quite tall enough to reach the ceiling, either a telescoping handle is necessary or a way to get up higher to reach it.

Some will tell you that all you have to do is make your scaffolding system consisting of a couple of things on which a platform will go — for example, two large buckets and a plank.

There are many problems with using such a system, one of them being that this makeshift scaffolding system can be quite dangerous.

The better thing to do would be to use a ladder as it is more portable and stable — make sure that you do not go above the next to last step as that is less than safe.

2. Move All Of The Furniture Out Of The Room

With furniture in the room, you run the risk of bumping into things as you paint the ceiling and cause significant delays in the process.

Additionally, all furniture you leave in the room needs protecting from paint drips — and so it is best if you can remove as much of it as possible.

Anything that cannot be removed should be moved to the center of the room and cover it with a heavy cloth drop cloth.

3. Make Use Of Heavy Cloth Dropcloths To Protect From Paint

Heavy cloth dropcloths are your best bet when it comes to protecting your furniture and the floor from dripping paint when you’re painting your ceiling.

Lighter dropcloths and lightweight plastic are likely to shift around when painting and therefore allow more paint to get places you don’t want it.

4. Allot Sufficient Time For Painting The Ceiling (It Isn’t A One Hour Project!)

Painting the ceiling is not a one hour project — given the amount of time that you are going to have to spend just letting coats of paint dry, you are looking at least a two-day project.

People who try to shoehorn a ceiling project alongside other painting projects are just looking at a disaster.

5. Moisten The Roller With A Wet Towel To Help Take Paint Better

If you want your paint to go onto the roller well, the best course of action is first to moisten the roller with a wet towel first.

Doing this will ensure that your paint job goes much better.

6. Use Stain Blocking Primer First

Stain blocking primer does exactly what the name suggests — it does a great job of blocking stains.

Make good use of a stain-blocking primer to ensure that your ceiling painting goes as well as possible.

7. Sand Before Painting

Though it isn’t entirely obvious, you should always sand your ceiling properly with 100 grit sandpaper before painting it.

This sanding will make sure that you get a good even surface for the primer coat and will ultimately lead to an all-around good paint job.

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