5 Mistakes To Avoid While Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Los Gatos, CA

The kitchen cabinets are one big thing in your kitchen that can be a nice step in the world of updating the look in your home — and instead of completely replacing your kitchen cabinets, you can paint them.

There are some elementary mistakes that a person can make in the process of painting the kitchen cabinets that can entirely ruin it and will perhaps require that one begin the task from the beginning and possibly cost more money.

With that in mind let us look at five mistakes to avoid while painting kitchen cabinets in Los Gatos, CA

1. Not Sanding The Cabinets Before Painting Them

Kitchen cabinets can be painted without being sanded first, certainly, but the difference between cabinets that have been sanded first and those have not is enormous.

Sanding the surface of your kitchen cabinets changes the surface so that it is much more receptive to the painting process.

It makes the surface of the kitchen cabinets smoother, which is far better for primer and paint than un-sanded cabinets.

2. Not Using Primer Before Painting The Cabinets

Though you have sanded the surface of your kitchen cabinets, this doesn’t mean that you can skip the ever-important step of using a layer of primer before painting the cabinets.

Primer is an important thing to use before the traditional coats of paint because the coat of primer allows the paint to stay on the cabinets much better than if it were not there.

It also allows the surface of the kitchen cabinets to be much smoother than if you were to just sand and not prime.

3. You Don’t Allow Enough Time To Paint The Cabinets

Some people think that a set of kitchen cabinets won’t take any time at all to paint — they give themselves a couple of hours to paint and plan for other activities throughout the rest of the day as well.

Some say that you will need at least a full weekend, or two full days if you work odd hours, for you to paint a set of kitchen cabinets.

Of course, you don’t have to do the cabinets all at once, but it is more useful if you intend to make use of the kitchen sooner than not to get them done in one fell swoop.

4. You Try To Paint The Cabinet Doors While They Are Still Hanging

Painting the kitchen cabinets while they are still hanging seems like it would be a better idea, but it is not as there are a couple of fundamental issues.

One is that you should ideally paint the cabinet doors while they are not hanging vertically, but rather they should be lying flat during the painting process.

The second issue, which might be more significant, is that it is easier to paint the rest of the cabinet while the doors aren’t there and in the way.

5. You Don’t Clean The Cabinets Prior To Painting

The last bit of advice seems like it would be pretty obvious, but it’s pretty remarkable how many times people err on this matter.

You first need to, of course, entirely remove everything from the cabinets, including food, bits, and pieces, etc.

You also need to make sure that there’s no grease or oil on the surface of the kitchen cabinets, which is something you don’t want on the surface of the cabinets when you are painting.

Use a good kitchen cleaner to clean the cabinets properly and then let them dry thoroughly before beginning the painting process.

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